National Bullying Prevention Month

October 11th, 2019 by

Schomp Mazda is teaming up with 95.7 The Party to END bullying!

1 in 7 students in Grades K-12 are either a bully or have been a victim of bullying. That is why we are taking a stand. Schomp Mazda believes in the health and wellness of our youth. Not only can bullying harm one’s mental wellness, but an estimated 160,000 US children miss school every day due to fear of bullying. We have the opportunity to come together as a community to better the education, health, and wellness of our youth.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and 95.7 The Party is partnering with Schomp Mazda to help make a difference in the community and take a stand to stop bullying. Together, we encourage you to sign a pledge stating that you will not bully other kids and to speak out when others are being bullied.


Understanding Bullying

While bullying might seem like it occurs without rhyme or reason, it often follows similar and predictable patterns. This cycle can be brutally self-perpetuating at times and also incredible difficult to stop as a victim, bystander, or even as an adult.

The good news is that because bullies do often act predictable, the pathway to putting an end to their behavior becomes much more manageable once we understand the life cycle of bullying.

Some ways that we can help end bullying at your school can include:

  • Make friends with someone you don’t know at school
  • Stand up for others
  • Include others
  • Have a conversation amongst your peers
  • Challenge other to be kind
  • Be a leader, take action and don’t let anyone at school be in isolation
  • Create a positive message or post-its and hand them out to students
  • Share inspirational stories
  • Don’t let anyone at school eat alone or on a field trip. #NoOneEatsAlone
  • Include other students in school activities, bring someone to your club, etc.
  • Meet with fellow students on how you can change the culture at your school
  • Judgement-free and bully-free discussions

Take Action with The Party & Schomp Mazda

Nina & Deuce with The Party morning show are taking the lead in this movement! Tune into their broadcast on your drive to school to learn more about how you can prevent bullying at your school and in doing so, you could win a concert at your school! Nina & Deuce will be spotlighting the bullying crisis in Colorado and the resources available to our community in overcoming this.

The school with the most names pledged will get a FREE Party Artist Performance live at their school! 95.7 will arrange the sound and performance details with a top record label, and broadcast the concert live on behalf of Schomp Mazda.

Take The Pledge Today!


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